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September 2014
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Cozy Russian flat interior design

August 11th, 2014

Cozy Russian Flat interiorThat is just a small flat with living area of 67 square meters, which has nothing special, but after the intervention of clever and well-experienced architects, the result is close to a miracle. The interior designed has the intention to create a living room with open plan so that it appears the illusion of space and airiness.
As a result of these efforts has been an elegant apartment furnished with eco-furniture, antique decorative elements and neutral color theme, to avoid clutter. Open plan has done its work, the living room is perfectly organized entirely with practical details and unobtrusive decoration. Wood is a material with an increased presence to provide much needed warmth to the home. The bedroom is particularly interesting with its huge bed, beautiful wooden boards and bedside tables set. Us this modest but stylish approach we liked very much. Definitely the style, the color schemes and the furniture are impressive and making this flat comfortable and really cozy.
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Interior design of old eco flat

July 1st, 2014

Eco Flat interiorThe ecology is getting larger and larger part from our life and many people decided to live according to the nature and to stay away from the unnatural fabrics and leather. That is why we decided to show you one really impressive and stylish eco house design, which is designed with old traditional furniture and oldish style. This flat is located into a building from 19th century and really large long and interesting story. Long time ago the building had a traditional brick roof and balconies to the street and was not apartment building, but rather a conglomeration of houses. In 20th century the building was remodeled from the ground up. The houses have been restructured into apartments 65 square. The original interior design is not covered with the ideas of the new owners of their house. As a result, decided to change all of it. The living room, dining room and kitchen were united in a common space. It looks quite spacious and has a very cozy appearance. The apartment has a comfortable bedroom with its own closet and bathroom. There is a second bedroom and another bathroom. The floor is oak, and all the walls are warm mushroom colors.
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Stylish small flat interior with wood

March 24th, 2014

Stylish Flat interiorThe Australian design Cassie Potts decided to create a comfortable and really stylish flat interior for this modern, new and really amazing apartment. The cozy apartment has living area of less than 60 square meters, but the designer used her imagination and found a solution of the space and place for each small detail. The artistic flat usually has a lot of thing, most often unnecessary, but really highly related to owner’s life. The Australian design created a new style of infusing of different elements into one really colorful finished project. According to Cassie Potts the design is a combination between industrial chic and Mexican kitsch. All the used colors and bright and the big windows allow the light to come inside the apartment. Also the traditional decorations and placentas give to the flat one really cozy vision. The combination between brick and wood is getting the sun inside and do not stop the light, which enters from the big and large windows.
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Stylish cameras for increased home security

February 14th, 2014

Modern rount interiorThe beautiful and comfortable interior design is important for everyone, as we all want to live in harmony. Of course the good looking interior design costs a lot of money and you should think about the security of your house and flat. No-one is protected from robneries, as last years they are more and more often. The new modern home security systems offer you ability to monitor your flat from distance giving you high security and safety. In addition the modern video and cameras equipment perfectly fits with your flat interior design, which you already created. You can find a video devices, which will fit perfectly to your interior, despite what exact style you used. There are hidden cameras into the ornaments of the wall, or designed as flowers and wooden vases. Also the small measurements allow you to install the camera almost invisible to the other hidden into the interior design. This increases your home security, but also in invisible for the external people. the increased home security can make you feel safer when you are out of your apartment. That is important for your personal calmness, as you can continue monitoring what is happening with your flat even when you are away from home. The system can send you notification is there is someone inside and you can immediately check who is inside.
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What to Consider Before Replacing the Functional Roof

December 17th, 2013

RoofReplacing any sort of roof is by no means a simple task, but when it comes to one that houses a building in full operation the task becomes even more complex. In the case of houses, most people are happy to temporarily move out while the project is being completed, but when it comes to commercial buildings it goes without saying that this is not an option.

Bearing this in mind, there are several factors that should be considered if you do need to replace a roof that belongs to a commercial property. Firstly, you need to ask whether or not you even need to replace it and while this will be a resounding ‘yes’ for most readers, it should be mentioned that most roof coverings can last for decades so you should check to see just how old it really is. As well as this, we’d urge you to think about the following…

Does it contain asbestos?

The word ‘asbestos’ is enough to scare anyone and it has been well-documented at just how prevalent and dangerous it is in the construction industry. Unfortunately, it’s even more common in industrial buildings, with older ones having a roof formed out of cement bonded asbestos. Naturally, many companies want to convert this to a more modern alternative, such as metal cladding, although you should bear in mind that this will add time onto the project. The rules for handling and disposing of asbestos are stringent to say the least and even if a company has vast experience with the material, it’s still going to take longer to complete than any alternative material.
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Gutter and Drain Maintenance for Dummies

December 17th, 2013

Penthouse bedroomIt would be fair to say that the roof is a component of the home that is the most susceptible to damage and homeowners can spend thousands trying to perfect it. Some will invest in expensive coverings, but no matter how much money is ploughed into this area there will always be problems to rectify.

One of the main causes of these problems is damaged gutters and drains. Many people understate their importance, but the facts remain that any damage in this area can prompt thousands of pounds in repair costs in severe cases. Fortunately, gutters and drains rarely fail for no reason and by undertaking the correct maintenance tips, there should be no reason why yours cannot stay in good working order. We’ll now look at what you can do to prolong the lifespan of your gutters and drains and avoid those expensive repair bills.

Regularly clean the gutters

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and it doesn’t matter if you carry out the repairs yourself or use a firm like MAE Roofing, it should be one of the first things that is carried out. Over time, plants, leaves and other debris can gradually collect in the gutters and this hinders their effectiveness.

Unfortunately, there are a whole host of issues that are associated with clogged gutters. There have been cases of gutters being completely detached from the wall because of the combined weight of the debris and water. Perhaps the most concerning problem for homeowners is the fact that water has nowhere to go through and this generally results in it running down the side of walls where it can eventually cause dampness.
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Replace your gazebo canopy with quality

September 22nd, 2013

Home improvementNo matter how careful and responsible you are with your gazebo, at some point the canopy will wear out. However, has a solution that works perfectly, so you will not be subjected to buying a new canopy or gazebo. Wear and tear of the gazebo canopy may be as a result of various things. This could be to exposure to extreme weather conditions or just being old. With the canopy replacement, you need to ensure that you shop for quality. You can do the replacement on your own or have an expert come and do it for you. When you call in a professional or a handy man, this means that you will have to pay some more money. Well, has some good news that will help you replace your gazebo canopy on your own. The first and most important step is to ensure that you have the right measurements for your canopy. You can do this by measuring the frame or the old canopy. You also need to decide on the type of fabric that you will use. There are cloth and vinyl materials and you can choose either depending on your needs. Once you have your new canopy replacement for your gazebo, you will just need to remove the old one. You should clean or dust off the frame of the gazebo before fitting in the new canopy. Stretch out the new canopy on a flat surface and cut it to the right size. Put it up and use fasteners to hold the new canopy replacement in place. Ensure that you have it stretched well on the frame so that it does not hang down in case it rains. With these tips from YesDivasCanCook, you can certainly replace your canopy without a problem.

Small apartment in New York

March 28th, 2013

New York ApartmentThis one-bedroom apartment in New York was converted by Manifold Architecture Studio and become more comfortable and modern accommodation. Before repairing the apartment had a small bathroom, a narrow corridor, two rooms and a spacious kitchen, while the bedroom faces the street. Since the apartment was built before the war, the old plan did not meet all the criteria of the owners. The project was designed to take full advantage of the space to change the purpose of the room and add any missing items. The center of New York is noisy, so that architects moved the bedroom to the kitchen and the kitchen in the area between the hall and living room. In this way, the living room becomes more spacious in the corridor merges with the kitchen. The bedroom is at the back of the apartment, providing both intimacy and sleep. Kitchen equipment includes two counter and hidden storage cabinets. The kitchen is very simple, with a typical minimalist design, equipped with oven, hot plates and sink on one side and cabinets on the other. The predominant color here and throughout the house is white. White walls and cabinets are combined with floors and countertops made of natural wood.
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Minimalism from Manhattan

March 21st, 2013

Manhattan flatSome people dream of great and large real estates, with many rooms and all sorts of goodies. Others, like the owner of this apartment, prefer small and simple flats. She has a very interesting idea of ​​how it should look a home. As always lived in small houses, for it is not a problem but an advantage. For her small apartment is synonymous with comfort and coziness. The area of ​​this apartment is less than 22 square meters and the renovation of the interior design was very difficult for the architect from Brooklyn Tim Seggerman. The majority of the furniture is handmade to fit better on the smaller size of the apartment. At the first level are the kitchen, a small dining area, living room and bathroom, while the second level is the bedroom. The architect has produced handmade each component of the furniture in his workshop. Furniture is the best option for smaller homes, because let multifunctional use of space. In this case, the kitchen furniture are perfectly designed to fit under the stairs.
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Spacious flat with modern interior

March 14th, 2013

Flat interior designThis beautiful penthouse is located in Warsaw, Poland. It looks very spacious and wide, although the rooms are not so large, but really well designed and comfortable. The main merit of this is the new interior design. The apartment has been renovated recently and it has been made quite reconstructions designed by architects from Hola Design. As you can see the house is really bright and spacious. This is partly due to the color scheme chosen by the designers. The main color used is white, in combination with gray and all the beautiful variations of natural wood. All the walls in the house are white, without exception, and the combination of white and gray gives the interior a modern and sleek look. The interior design is very modern and is influenced by Scandinavian style. You will find some items of furniture that does not fit into the style of the house, creating an interesting contrast, such as the clock in the living room, which did not fit the design of the room and that’s why became a focal point of this area. Such elements make modern interior interesting and full of surprises. Besides these custom elements interior filled with works of art, and various framed photographs hanging on the walls that add personality to the apartment that distinguish it from ordinary homes with minimalist design.
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